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My Kinda Woman

Spiral from top left: 
“Rio” Banana and Papaya earrings, “Sea Excursion” Pink Fish studs, Hippo studs, “Enchanted Garden” Square earrings, “Rio” Skull stretch ring, “Rio” Case Skull Bead Gypsy earrings, “Rio” Frog earrings, Ladybug feather earrings, “Rio” Pineapple earrings, Ladybug studs, Turtle studs.

While we’re on the topic of earrings and quirky themes of jewelry, it seems appropriate to bring Betsey Johnson into the conversation.

Although her brand filed for bankruptcy, she is still overseeing her jewelry and I couldn’t be happier. Not only is it affordable, she has truly unique, fun design ideas unlike anyone I have seen.

Yes I did add a sneaky ring, but who can deny themselves of a party skull with fruit on it’s head?! Fantastic!

And yes we have discussed my love of any fashion resembling food. I would have to say this is the reason my favourite of this selection of jewelry is the pineapple drop earrings.

Insects and other animals are also wonderful. How cute are the little hippo heads! That is not a question.

Visit my Polyvore to track down these glorious works of art.

Please note: the fun doesn’t stop there. Check out ShopStyle to see a full selection of Betsey’s jewelry including rings, bracelets, necklaces and watches.

Happy Monday! I am sick at home today so I hope your day has been nicer than mine. x


I Wish

Clockwise from top left:

Givenchy “Very Irresistable” Perfume
J.Crew leather belt
Proenza Schouler shirt
Mawi earrings
Erickson Beamon ring
Mawi bracelet
Comme des Garcons clutch
Balenciaga jacket
Ksubi jeans
Opening Ceremony shoes
Tom Ford sunglasses

I call this one “How I Would Be Dressed Right Now
If My Bank Account So Permitted”.

Originally this set was going to be a compilation of all my “recently viewed” items on farfetch.com however Polyvore is very generous so the situation got a bit out of control.

Lately I haven’t been wearing jewelry except maybe the occasional necklace. Maybe it’s because of the fact that I’m bored of all the rings, bracelets and necklaces I’ve been piling on for the past years.

In recent weeks I have been really into the look of a casual shirt and fairly casual outfit with beautiful, big coloured crystal earrings.

Oh, to comfortably afford some Erickson Beamon.

Strongly recommend that perfume too.



A few beautiful items that together form a rather awesome outfit. Left to right: Rick Owens jacket ($1450). Chloé sweater ($910). Balenciaga skirt ($645). Proenza Schouler bag ($2290). LowLuv by Erin Wasson necklace ($160).  Maison Martin Margiela shoes ($565).

Enough said.

Caps On

Once upon a time, humans on this earth came to a realisation that the Sun’s rays have an impact on skin cells, particularly that of the facial region. One wise being made the decision to create a garment that would in fact cause the sun to refrain from burning the human face by constructing something that could sit on one’s head and stick out in a manner that would not obstruct the person’s view, but in fact obstruct the sun from reaching the skin and having any effect on it. This day, the Hat was born.

Years later, it is not uncommon to see human beings wearing cap hats backwards, or even sideways, for no particular reason. Humans now wear caps indoors, at night, when the sun’s not out, or simply as a fashion statement stemming from sub-cultures such as hip-hop, skate, grunge, punk or, well anything. The Cap became an accessory.

Caps On
That’s not to say that this post is about the sport luxe trend. I’ve put in a bunch of
images below, including some from the Insight blog. They have an awesome laidback,
beachy vibe. I really think hats can just be fun. And s
ince we now can wear our hats at
free will for no other reason other than having something on our heads, take a look
at these bad boys!
Clockwise from top left: Adidas. Adidas is definitely my favourite sportswear label. This would look great with denim or black. (Adidas, $22)
Nickelodeon baseball cap. How great is Squidward! What a guy! P.s. this also comes with a Patrick face version, or a classic Spongebob Squarepants face. (Kinda want all three) (Nickelodeon, $28)
Dope snapback from Stampd’ LA. Once upon a time I saw someone wearing this on an Instagram photo and I said I MUST HAVE THIS. Googled it, still hasn’t been re-stocked. Shall keep waiting. Apparently last time it sold out in 24 hours or something. (Disclaimer: I am in no way advocating girls wearing skate hats if they do not know anything about the label and/or skating). (Stampd’ LA, $52)
Disney cap. Purely put this up because it’s a Mickey Mouse Sorcerer’s Apprentice hat. Seriously do you know anyone that’s got one of these? (Disney, £23)
Boy London cap. Iconic. Rihanna was seen wearing one and it pretty much sold out worldwide. (Patricia Field, $58)
Navy and white cap, Zillion Caps. This was designed by Tokyo based, Paris designer David Guarino. This would work well blending in with other prints or block colour looks. Look at the website, there are so many great caps, they are sick! Guarino has translated Japanese kimono patterns into loads of different caps. Awesome stuff. (Design Boom, $59)
River Island Aztec print cap. Same deal, and it’s not too bold of a print if you’re the kind of person who likes to play it cool. (River Island, £4)
Finally, the neon cap, shining in the centre like a beacon of hope, a sun beam of sorts. Why not? (Asos, $25)

The Sartorialist / Insight / Lee Oliveira / Style Bubble / We The People / STREETFSN

Essential New Shoes!

Essential New Shoes!

 Essential New Shoes! by wekickit

 Tory Burch strappy flat sandals, $291. Charlotte Russe Flat sandals, $18.  Sam edelman sandals, 135 CAD. Motorcycle boots, €31. Nike shoes, $100. Giuseppe zanotti sneaker, $725. Sam Edelman high heel pumps, $115. Frye leather boots, $398. Miu Miu platform high heels, $750.

Let me just briefly make it clear that this is a wish list I have compiled and I have no means of purchasing, for example, $750 Miu Miu heels. However, this would be a perfect update to my wardrobe if I could, for several reasons. First reason: season.

These may mostly be Spring/Summer sandals, however here in Sydney the weather is so all-over-the-place it’s really hard to tell if we’re supposed to dress for Summer or Winter on any given day. Example: I was convinced by idiots friends to go to the beach on the morning of Anzac Day (April 25th) and it was so freezing it was warmer in the water, (which was not warm – let me tell you) and my friend Sarah told me later that it was apparently the coldest Sydney Anzac Day in 40 years or some statistic. Then you get days like during last week (either Wednesday or Thursday, I forget) which was apparently the warmest May day in Sydney for 60 years. Point being: if it’s “Winter”, you may find yourself wishing you’d dressed for Summer, or at least trans-seasonally. (Or at least I do). And there ends my rant about Sydney weather and I will now get back to the task at hand: describing why my wardrobe yearns for these items.

Being on my feet for a lot of most days, heels just aren’t practical or comfortable, and I have bad history with keeping nice shoes intact. These Tory Burch sandals (top left) are great to add a fun pop of colour, some clean metallics and a nice nude colour to any outfit. The gladiator-style sandal next to them is a very affordable shoe, again perfect for a busy lifestyle when it’s just too warm to wear boots or you want your feet to breathe. I truly believe this simple take on the gladiator look doesn’t go out of style. Next, behold some Sam Edelman deliciousness. I have a feeling this mid-heel is going to be a big thing. Well at least I can’t wait to get in on it – it’s something different from regular flat sandals or heels. And they’re classy as hell! I think this minimalist design will pull any look together.

Next: why not have a pair of chic, interesting black boots handy. It came to my attention last week that my collection of most often worn shoes are almost all black. This is probably normal, but I do struggle some days in the having-nice-clean-shoes department. Probably because I’ve been on such a strict budget for so long, which leads to forcing myself to be smart and use my money for more important things (like food/transport/cocktails) than adding more black shoes to the vast black shoe collection. Back to the point, a pair of clean, statement boots never go astray and can be paired with virtually any outfit. Trust me.

In the centre you’ll find neon Nike Free-Runs. Dang! I saw these while walking past Foot Locker when I was very late for something but I made a mental note (bolded, underlined, with italics) that I needed these in my life. Partly because they’re neon pink. Also because having new sneakers would definitely probably make me more keen to exercise, seeing as the six-year-old Nike Airs I still wear are starting to fall apart at the heel. It’s very sad. I then checked these pink ninjas out a few days later and they must weigh almost nothing, they are light as a feather! Quote my friend Rowan: “they feel like running on air”. Fact.

To the right: metallic silver studded spaceman sneakers. Need I say more? Nup.

Bottom left: I feel a severe lack of nice slingback sandals in my wardrobe. Especially striped ones like this. Elegance central! They’d look so nice with cropped pants or jeans of the skinny OR boyfriend variety. Don’t tempt me, Sam Edelman!

Bottom centre, another pair of black boots. Because you can never really have too many. (Seriously). These are a very chilled out version, slouchy and fun, if you were ever running out the door and just needing something to wear on your feet for the sake of satisfying social standards.

And finally, the last pair: a beautiful pair of strappy black heels. Again all about the basic shoe colour that suits everything, think to yourself: do you own any statement black strappy heels that add an interesting element of class to whatever ensemble you choose to adorn? Although I’m not sure why Polyvore only offered this strangely angled view of the shoe, let’s use our imagination and assume your feet will be impressing all surrounding feet if you don these lovely ones.

And there you have it! A simple shoe update to get you through many an awkward change-of-season time period. Peace out!