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My Kinda Woman

Spiral from top left: 
“Rio” Banana and Papaya earrings, “Sea Excursion” Pink Fish studs, Hippo studs, “Enchanted Garden” Square earrings, “Rio” Skull stretch ring, “Rio” Case Skull Bead Gypsy earrings, “Rio” Frog earrings, Ladybug feather earrings, “Rio” Pineapple earrings, Ladybug studs, Turtle studs.

While we’re on the topic of earrings and quirky themes of jewelry, it seems appropriate to bring Betsey Johnson into the conversation.

Although her brand filed for bankruptcy, she is still overseeing her jewelry and I couldn’t be happier. Not only is it affordable, she has truly unique, fun design ideas unlike anyone I have seen.

Yes I did add a sneaky ring, but who can deny themselves of a party skull with fruit on it’s head?! Fantastic!

And yes we have discussed my love of any fashion resembling food. I would have to say this is the reason my favourite of this selection of jewelry is the pineapple drop earrings.

Insects and other animals are also wonderful. How cute are the little hippo heads! That is not a question.

Visit my Polyvore to track down these glorious works of art.

Please note: the fun doesn’t stop there. Check out ShopStyle to see a full selection of Betsey’s jewelry including rings, bracelets, necklaces and watches.

Happy Monday! I am sick at home today so I hope your day has been nicer than mine. x


Wonderfully Strange

I can’t quite explain the interest I have in jewelry featuring insects. (Fake insects, in case anyone reading this doesn’t quite follow my train of thought.) This morning I was browsing an InStyle magazine in a cafe when I came across a little article where I saw a gold bracelet and/or necklace that was a row of four or so insects. Maybe they were in the form of flying bugs, maybe spiders, maybe one of each. My brain wasn’t switched on. I’m so eager to find out who designed them so I can get my neck wrist hands on one!

Google image search found me this beauty.

Apparently it was sold on Etsy on July 18, 2012. What? That was two weeks ago or something ridiculously recent!

Etsy is a gold mine and I didn’t need to search far – the designer who made this amazing jewel-encrusted spider seems to have a few wonderfully strange ideas; the best kind. (Note: I went straight to the jewelry section so to avoid feeling overwhelmed.)

I really appreciate the way neither of these look tacky in any way.

Inspired by Schiaparelli and Dali, this beauty is a gold plated chain with a Swarovski crystal eye and tear drop. Buy it here. How could you not?

One day soon I’ll need to brave the rest of Batcakes Couture‘s shop.

Shrimp Purse Prompts New Category

Occasionally I will come across an item that really speaks to me and I can’t resist loving it. I’m not going to deny the fact that it’s usually because it is fashion that resembles food or living thing such as animals or insects.

Tonight while searching once again for the perfect black bag I came across this crazy little clutch on farfetch.com, one of my favourite stores and it really did bring me joy. Behold Larissa Hadjio’s Shrimp Clutch Bag.

And I don’t even eat shrimp!

Just a warning, there’s gonna be a lot more posts where this one came from. Don’t be fooled by the masses saying it’s just a trend.

I am having a miniature crisis.

It recently occurred to me that it is much more worthwhile to spend my money on good quality items, and that I should stop buying anything bad quality.

The problem with this decision is: where do I draw the lines?

I know deep down that there is no reason why I should spend large sums of money on, say, a basic t-shirt. Is it not better use of my money to buy cheap basics, and save my money for well-made shoes, accessories, and jackets? 

But then I answer that question with another question: what about shirts and skirts and shorts and trousers? How much should I be spending on jeans? 

A (first-world) problem of living in Australia is that whenever I find something great online I’ll express that by saying something along the lines of “Oh! $84 Margiela necklace! Nice!” On proceeding to the virtual check out, as I experienced tonight, the site had kindly added a shipping fee of $50. For a necklace. Sorry what?

But I also know that online stores such as Shopbop and Bluefly wouldn’t stock labels that they don’t want to push for their great, quality designs. Should I just have more faith in these online stores?

I miss the days where there was time to shop in person. 


Rag & Bone, why do this to me?

The fit, the perfect shade of bleached denim, the leather sleeves that are just right between biker and chic. Of course living over here in Australia, it’s often deceiving when shopping online as most sites advertise “free shipping” when in fact they limit it to a) America, b) the UK or c) anywhere-but-here. So since paying for postage is now the enemy, I have done what many an intelligent, fashion-conscious Australian has done before, and turned to ASOS.

(i.e. watch out for a post soon about the stuff I ordered the other night.)

In all honesty I didn’t jump right into the ASOS experience like a lot of people did. There was just too much on the site for me to handle. I’m the kind of person who likes to ease into things, or I’ll just get a bit overwhelmed. I bought a bodysuit here and there, had a peruse of the ASOS Marketplace occasionally.

Then tonight happened, where I look up the Rag & Bone/JEAN label category in the ASOS Designer section. Well, great.

That shade of blue? Seriously?! I’ve been consciously trying to not overuse the word “perfect” in this post but how else am I meant to describe that collar? And the gentle swing of the shirt without making her shoulders/arms look like that of a rugby player? Plus pockets?! Fantastic.

Which brings me to my third and final point, racing stripes. Okay, that may not have made sense. English translation: I met a girl recently and I was extremely impressed by her jeans: they were perfectly fitted, mid rise, clean white jeans with a thick black stripe down the outer sides.

My heart definitely felt a bit disappointed when she said they were by Rag & Bone. But knowledge is power. I consulted the Rag & Bone slash Australia site, where I am led to believe they do a $30 flat rate to us on all shipping. Score! (Not free, but that’s better than an unexpectedly gigantic shipping cost, isn’t it?) Oh, to be older and have a career.

For those I would, given the opportunity, hand over $230 of my dollars to Rag & Bone. Joyfully. Waiting eagerly for the postman. Or actually around here it’s a postwoman. Not the point.

Shop these works of art on my new mate ASOS here and here and on Rag & Bone’s wonderful site here.