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Futuristic Footwear

It is a truth universally acknowledged that I have a thing for anything metallic. 
You can only imagine the joy when, after a period of taking a break from online shopping, I take a look around and find all these beautiful, BEAUTIFUL silver specimen across cyberspace.

Lately I really have been drawn more towards heels that will be sturdy – “chunky” is too strong a word. Stilettos can wait. (Although there are still some great silver pumps lurking around… Curious? Look no further than here.)

These are a few of my favourites right meow. 

From the top: the infamous 3.1 Philip Lim Cody heels. Fetch your pair from The Corner. Still love them. Minimal and magic.

The gorgeous Max Mara Rivolo shoes. Elegant, sophisticated, modern. Seriously. Via Matches

The most expensive option, but they are as cool as they are interesting as they are chic. Who doesn’t want to be a Proenza girl, really? By Proenza Schouler, on The Corner.

Which are your favourite?


Get In My Wardrobe

Welcome to the first installment of Get In My Wardrobe.

Today’s subject: B Store.

$578, not quite compatible with the state of my bank account. Nevertheless, these babies will stay on my mind!

Shop here at ASOS. xo

Style Lurkin’

In all honesty I’m not a huge Rihanna fan, but I have been super impressed with her style since I came across her Instagram a while back. My best friend Izz loves Riri so I ended up clicking “Follow” and today this gem came up on my feed!

Not just awesome because it was Mother’s Day and she’s with her Mum, but because of her outfit. I’m so impressed! The trench reminds me of Man Repeller chic, those shoes remind me of a pair by Mimco I am pining over and I am a massive advocate for comfy pants and t-shirts so overall this look just wins.

Exhibit b) the aforementioned Mimco heels. And then comes the dilemma. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Damn being a student and on a budget!