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Fashion in Brisbane: The Happy Cabin

I wandered into this store after noticing a little blackboard sign on the rustic wooden front door saying “Curious?” The only way I knew how to describe this shop after finding it was: “just perfect”. What a wonderful little world to stumble upon! Only about five months old, and the whole atmosphere of the shop was peacefully nostalgic. Bon Iver played softly and I was transported to another time. Also the shop assistant Hannah invited me to a Wes Anderson themed party that night – go figure.

At first I took notice of the clothes neatly hung on homemade wooden racks. Brands such as Somedays Lovin, and one-off, hand-picked vintage bags, shoes and other items. Venturing further into the store there were men’s SKULLS snapbacks, sneakers, socks and backpacks, and a variety of shirts, trousers and shorts. I loved the beautiful, simple cotton women’s NICO underwear pegged onto string amongst wool pom-poms. The centre table in the shop had a few pairs of cute clogs, nice clutch purses and envelope-style bags, woolen cactuses (!!!), jewelry and other quirky, fun items. Of course the table was on an animal carcass mat. I loved the arrangement of big scented candles on a wooden ladder.

Amongst the selection of clothing, accessories and curios were perfectly suited paintings and drawings hanging, stacks of old books and suitcases, old wooden ladders, chairs and tables, cactuses and other plants, vintage lamps and globes, paper decorations hanging from string, all creatively and immaculately placed. What impressed me the most was the great visual merchandising of it all. It wasn’t hard to realise the shop owner Leah is the genius behind it all. I could tell everything in the room was carefully chosen.

If you find yourself in Brisbane, take a trip down to the West End. You’d be crazy not to experience this.

The Happy Cabin
58 Vulture Street
West End
Brisbane, QLD.

Were I born a man I would definitely buy that strawberry hat.

I bought this giraffe shirt, obviously

I love this little tooth pouch!

Cutlery rings! How perfect


Winter Weekend Getaway

I went a little way out of Sydney a few weeks ago with some of my family. We stayed in a lovely little cottage in Bowral, and I scored some amazing things from an op shop which I will post. I took a few photos when we visited a couple of vineyards for wine tastings.

The Southern Highlands are also great for antiques. One vineyard we visited is called Mount Ashby Estate. A husband managed the wine making and the wife has an antiques business which also has a store in Woollhara here in Sydney. One stone building they own is full of great antiques for sale, and every season they clear the floor and have a huge banquet for people to celebrate and have great food and wine. Their main stone building has a beautiful view and you can sit in front of the fire and have a great meal all at the same time. Bliss!

It was a really nice break from how busy life can sometimes get in the city. Exactly what I needed.






Mount Ashby Estate can be checked out here.