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My Kinda Woman

Spiral from top left: 
“Rio” Banana and Papaya earrings, “Sea Excursion” Pink Fish studs, Hippo studs, “Enchanted Garden” Square earrings, “Rio” Skull stretch ring, “Rio” Case Skull Bead Gypsy earrings, “Rio” Frog earrings, Ladybug feather earrings, “Rio” Pineapple earrings, Ladybug studs, Turtle studs.

While we’re on the topic of earrings and quirky themes of jewelry, it seems appropriate to bring Betsey Johnson into the conversation.

Although her brand filed for bankruptcy, she is still overseeing her jewelry and I couldn’t be happier. Not only is it affordable, she has truly unique, fun design ideas unlike anyone I have seen.

Yes I did add a sneaky ring, but who can deny themselves of a party skull with fruit on it’s head?! Fantastic!

And yes we have discussed my love of any fashion resembling food. I would have to say this is the reason my favourite of this selection of jewelry is the pineapple drop earrings.

Insects and other animals are also wonderful. How cute are the little hippo heads! That is not a question.

Visit my Polyvore to track down these glorious works of art.

Please note: the fun doesn’t stop there. Check out ShopStyle to see a full selection of Betsey’s jewelry including rings, bracelets, necklaces and watches.

Happy Monday! I am sick at home today so I hope your day has been nicer than mine. x


Shrimp Purse Prompts New Category

Occasionally I will come across an item that really speaks to me and I can’t resist loving it. I’m not going to deny the fact that it’s usually because it is fashion that resembles food or living thing such as animals or insects.

Tonight while searching once again for the perfect black bag I came across this crazy little clutch on, one of my favourite stores and it really did bring me joy. Behold Larissa Hadjio’s Shrimp Clutch Bag.

And I don’t even eat shrimp!

Just a warning, there’s gonna be a lot more posts where this one came from. Don’t be fooled by the masses saying it’s just a trend.