A Chilled Summer

There was a beautiful simplicity to the A Détacher Spring 2013 show.
Mona Kowalska showed us pieces that were unique in structure and effortlessly stylish.
I was struck by these few looks.
Firstly the opening look:

The bold colour and perfected knot detail demands attention. The shoes round the look off as effortless.

The clashing of these fine prints is tied together with colbalt blue detail. Or worn separately, the pants would look stunning with a loose cotton shirt or button up.
The shirt is so interestingly constructed. The knotted volume is reminiscent to me of Vivienne Westwood, but also of innocent gingham dresses. I’m blown away.

Gingham continues, and Mona perfects the pyjama-chic look. The construction of the print and the direction messes with my mind a bit. In a good, gentle way.
I’d happily wear this all Summer long.

Having said that, these shorts make my dreams come true. Lately all I want is loose fitting, knee length shorts. The slight transparency on the shirt is innocently sexy. I’m loving this.

This just yells 90’s vibes out to me. Perfect!
Spaghetti straps, metallic handbag, strappy footwear – although I’m not 100% sure what’s going on there.
This dress is what I would be wearing out every night.
The strap of material off the hem is interesting.
Jewelry has seemed unnecessary to me lately. Maybe because it gets upwards to 35 degrees somedays now here in Sydney. Or I’m just bored of the jewelry I do own.

Looking forward to scoping the online stores out for some of these pieces come overseas Summer!


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