I remember checking out her website about a year ago and asking myself “How exactly does one become a casting agent?” It does seem like a brilliant job to have. She is also a fashion consultant.

Anyway I have decided to update this site more regularly as a way to understand exactly what I am interested in, fashion, music, and culture-wise. Because I regularly confuse myself.

I have taken some photos from her blog Tales of Endearment, which houses beautiful galleries of photos as she updates throughout her travels to interesting cities and documents her outfits, friends, shopping, and new fashion collections. I.e. my dream life.

I am so inspired by her use of colour and shape. What a well-dressed woman!
She really does seem to be full of life. The way she blends vintage with new pieces of clothing is something I aspire to do well at. Go Joos!

Look below via Stockholm Streetstyle.

Via her Instagram.
Potentially wearing Vika Gazinstaya?

Here she goes again layering. Photo I believe by Tommy Ton

Her look really does seem polished and carefully thought out, something I personally lack. Such a great eye for good design and proportion!


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