Something Else collaborates with artist Julie Verhoeven to bring a unique collection for Spring 2012. From where I’m standing it is influenced by the Wild West and salutes to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Metallic and studded detail here and there give a Rodeo vibe, combined with leather and steel belts and heavy chokers. However the collection stays feminine with sheer fabrics and long skirts with slits to the thigh. Shirts are tailored or loose tees, and cardigans and jumpers are long. High-waisted, wide-leg trousers reign, as well as wardrobe staples such as printed leggings. Hints of lace and draped, semi-sheer dresses make for a subtly sexy silhouettes.

I’m not complaining, there’s nothing better than Summer clothes that let you breathe.

Verhoeven brings her prints to life across the garments and behind these campaign images. Here are a few via Something Else.

Your question should be: how can I not buy all that cactus print?


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