Caps On

Once upon a time, humans on this earth came to a realisation that the Sun’s rays have an impact on skin cells, particularly that of the facial region. One wise being made the decision to create a garment that would in fact cause the sun to refrain from burning the human face by constructing something that could sit on one’s head and stick out in a manner that would not obstruct the person’s view, but in fact obstruct the sun from reaching the skin and having any effect on it. This day, the Hat was born.

Years later, it is not uncommon to see human beings wearing cap hats backwards, or even sideways, for no particular reason. Humans now wear caps indoors, at night, when the sun’s not out, or simply as a fashion statement stemming from sub-cultures such as hip-hop, skate, grunge, punk or, well anything. The Cap became an accessory.

Caps On
That’s not to say that this post is about the sport luxe trend. I’ve put in a bunch of
images below, including some from the Insight blog. They have an awesome laidback,
beachy vibe. I really think hats can just be fun. And s
ince we now can wear our hats at
free will for no other reason other than having something on our heads, take a look
at these bad boys!
Clockwise from top left: Adidas. Adidas is definitely my favourite sportswear label. This would look great with denim or black. (Adidas, $22)
Nickelodeon baseball cap. How great is Squidward! What a guy! P.s. this also comes with a Patrick face version, or a classic Spongebob Squarepants face. (Kinda want all three) (Nickelodeon, $28)
Dope snapback from Stampd’ LA. Once upon a time I saw someone wearing this on an Instagram photo and I said I MUST HAVE THIS. Googled it, still hasn’t been re-stocked. Shall keep waiting. Apparently last time it sold out in 24 hours or something. (Disclaimer: I am in no way advocating girls wearing skate hats if they do not know anything about the label and/or skating). (Stampd’ LA, $52)
Disney cap. Purely put this up because it’s a Mickey Mouse Sorcerer’s Apprentice hat. Seriously do you know anyone that’s got one of these? (Disney, £23)
Boy London cap. Iconic. Rihanna was seen wearing one and it pretty much sold out worldwide. (Patricia Field, $58)
Navy and white cap, Zillion Caps. This was designed by Tokyo based, Paris designer David Guarino. This would work well blending in with other prints or block colour looks. Look at the website, there are so many great caps, they are sick! Guarino has translated Japanese kimono patterns into loads of different caps. Awesome stuff. (Design Boom, $59)
River Island Aztec print cap. Same deal, and it’s not too bold of a print if you’re the kind of person who likes to play it cool. (River Island, £4)
Finally, the neon cap, shining in the centre like a beacon of hope, a sun beam of sorts. Why not? (Asos, $25)

The Sartorialist / Insight / Lee Oliveira / Style Bubble / We The People / STREETFSN


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