For the past couple of months I’ve been interning two days a week at a magazine. And although everyone I tell that to seems to picture it in a Devil Wears Prada kind of scenario, it’s not much like that, however I do get sartorial inspiration from women I see who work in the building.

Unfortunately it’s really not appropriate to dress really well for the work we interns have to do, i.e being on our feet almost all day, it’s really not practical to wear heels. And I am a solid advocate for pants. (Trousers.) With a great fit, I just feel so comfortable in a good pair of pants!

Lately I’ve been keen on a pair by J Brand, perhaps a lovely pair I tried on yesterday that were skinny leg, cropped, and mid-rise. Currently undecided whether I should opt for mid-rise or low-rise.

I mainly need to give my Cheap Mondays a break, they’ve been good to me.

Great, now I need black skinny cropped pants. And white ones. And Marant ones. And khaki ones. Goodbye bank account!

Sources: STREETFSN, Lee Oliveira, Olsen Junkie.


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