I am having a miniature crisis.

It recently occurred to me that it is much more worthwhile to spend my money on good quality items, and that I should stop buying anything bad quality.

The problem with this decision is: where do I draw the lines?

I know deep down that there is no reason why I should spend large sums of money on, say, a basic t-shirt. Is it not better use of my money to buy cheap basics, and save my money for well-made shoes, accessories, and jackets? 

But then I answer that question with another question: what about shirts and skirts and shorts and trousers? How much should I be spending on jeans? 

A (first-world) problem of living in Australia is that whenever I find something great online I’ll express that by saying something along the lines of “Oh! $84 Margiela necklace! Nice!” On proceeding to the virtual check out, as I experienced tonight, the site had kindly added a shipping fee of $50. For a necklace. Sorry what?

But I also know that online stores such as Shopbop and Bluefly wouldn’t stock labels that they don’t want to push for their great, quality designs. Should I just have more faith in these online stores?

I miss the days where there was time to shop in person. 


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